Did you complete all 31 Birdtober birds?


I am out of the "I completed Birdtober" stickers, but I added some more hummingbird stickers for people who completed the challenge!

Yay! Good job sticking with the challenge!


If you completed all 31 birds I will send you a free gift!


I will send you a "I Completed Birdtober 2021" sticker and a hummingbird sticker!

USA Participants:

I have a few larger items to give away too (tote, mug, sketchbook. I will hold a raffle for all the people who completed the challenge (USA participants only - sorry). 

Thank you for participating in #Birdtober2021. Hope to see you next year!

While supplies last. Please only apply if you have completed the challenge. 

Get your free Birdtober gift!

Yay! Your gift will be in the mail soon!

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