What is Birdtober?

Birdtober 2022 Prompt List.png

🌿Birdtober was inspired by #inktober created by @jakeparker. For the month of October I have supplied a daily prompt list with a different bird for each day. This is a daily creation challenge!

🌿You can draw, paint, sculpt, or whatever you choose your medium to be! The goal is to create everyday!

🌿Then post your bird on Instagram using the hashtags #birdtober and #birdtober2022 and tag me @aholmesartstudio

🌿Last year the #Birdtober community was amazing and I discovered so many wonderful and talented artists from around the world! 🌎

🌿Complete all 31 days and I will send you a free gift! Just send me a message on Instagram that you completed the challenge with your mailing address and I will send you a little something for completing the challenge!

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