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The Cotton Mill Mural in McKinney, Texas

Hello! Andrea Holmes here!

I had the honor of painting on the historic Cotton Mill building this week! The Cotton Mill was built in 1910. In the 1960’s, McKinney’s Cotton Mill (producing Texas Textile Fabrics) was the largest denim manufacturer in the World. The Mill closed it’s doors in 1969. The current owner, Terry Casey, purchased the property in 1996 and has been actively renovating it since. This also happens to be the home of my studio! It was very intimidating to paint on this 100+ year old building!

Last fall I won a competition to paint a mural for the Indigo Dye room. It was put on hold and I was so excited when I was told the project could move forward! I decided on a simple design of the Cotton Mill logo painted like a ghost sign. I thought it would make it look like it has always been there. I really had a challenge on my hands for getting the design up on the wall! I had to use the bricks like a grid system and use my reference photo to figure out the placement. I also got to use a lift for the first time! This one was easy to use and I can't wait to use one again! Looking forward to seeing this mural pop-up in wedding and event photos at the Cotton Mill!

Check out this time lapse video of me painting the mural!

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