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I was on a podcast! I was so excited to speak with Jess from @BirdStrips on her podcast, Art Horse @ArtHorsePod. We talked for for 3.5 hours! Jess is a wonderful artist and I first fell in love with her work on Instagram. She made a daily bird drawing for 3 years. That's 1,000+ drawings! In this podcast we talk about how to grow as an artist, showing up to the easel, jealousy, and leaning on our support systems.

Take a listen here:

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For this mural I was challenged with the task of bringing a butterfly to the Legacy Senior Communities' Butterfly Garden. They had flower and plants that would attract butterflies in their garden, but then it also attracted wasps! So they had to remove the plants. We worked on the color palette of this one, and I really love how it turned out. This mural also acts as a photo station for the residents and their families to use to create happy memories.

Location: Legacy Senior Communities

8240 Manderville Ln, Dallas, TX 75231

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I was honored to be interviewed by Carrie with Artist Strong! You can check out the interview here!

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